Biomolecular Dynamics @ Uni Freiburg

Group seminars on Biomolecular Dynamics 2016

Thursday, 13:00, seminar room HH 1006

08.12.2016 Florian Sittel (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Entropy-based Measurement of Information Flow in Proteins"
01.12.2016 Dr. Maxim Dolgushev (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Contact kinetics in fractal macromolecules"
24.11.2016 Luis Valino-Borau (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Enery Transfer in WW"
17.11.2016 Matthias Ernst (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Lysozyme - how does pacman chew?"
10.11.2016 Dr. Steffen Wolf (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"(Towards) on-the-fly calculation of friction coefficients in biased MD simulations"
03.11.2016 Dr. Mithun Biswas (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Long Timescale Protein Dynamics from Short Trajectories: A Langevin Approach"
28.10.2016 Sebastian Buchenberg (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Energy and signal transport in proteins: A molecular dynamics simulation study"
20.10.2016 Benjamin Lickert (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Global Langevin model of multidimensional biomolecular dynamic"
04.08.2016 Beatrice Vollmer (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ., Freiburg)
"Correlation analysis of intramolecular signaling"
21.07.2016 Dr. Ralph Welsch, (Department of Chemistry California Institute of Technology,USA)
"New methodologies for simulating quantum dynamics in complex chemical systems"
07.04.2016 Dr. Steffen Wolf (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Accelerated free energy calculations - Treating molecular motions as a Stokes diffusion process (flowTMD)"
03.03.2016 Fabian Thielemann (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"What did the Hiwi do besides making coffee? Vibrational energy transport in the WW loop"
25.02.2016 Dr. Mithun Biswas (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
18.02.2016 Prof. Louis Dubé (Univ. Laval, Québec, Canada)
"Dynamical Network Analysis -- take one --"
11.02.2016 Matthias Ernst (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Lysozyme - How (fast) does Pacman chew?"
04.02.2016 Benjamin Lickert (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Modeling of dLE fields: A summary of previous work"
28.01.2106 Sebastian Buchenberg (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Nonequilibrium simulation of the PDZ2, and the need of a new dPCA......."
21.01.2016 Florian Sittel (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"PCA on dihedral angles: a revision"
14.01.2016 Prof. Louis Dubé (Univ. Laval, Québec, Canada)
"The Theory of Complex Networks -- an introduction for physicists--"