Biomolecular Dynamics @ Uni Freiburg

Group seminars on Biomolecular Dynamics

Thursday, 13:00, seminar room HH 1006

upcoming talks
09.05.2019 Adan Gulzar (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Unbinding of RNase"
15.05.2019 Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stock (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Identification of collective variables and metastable states of protein dynamics"
23.05.2019 Daniel Nagel / Anna Weber (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Identifying protein pathways"
27.06.2019 Benjamin Lickert (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Markov model of T4L"
04.07.2019 Anna Weber (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"PDZ update"
18.07.2019 Matthias Post (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Friction in the eyes of TMD"
25.07.2019 Dr. Steffen Wolf (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Pathway separation in dcTMD"
past talks
17.01.2019 Benjamin Lickert (Albert-Ludwigs-Univ. Freiburg)
"Memory in Post-Simulation Models: Effects and Implementation"